My Favorite Mistake — 149: Sales Executive Clint Corley Got “Sloppy or Complacent” When Working in Oil & Gas

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My guest for Episode #149 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Clint Corley, who spent more than five years as a Senior Account Executive at the software company, KaiNexus.

I want to disclose that I’ve been involved with KaiNexus for more than ten years as a contractor, advisor, and investor.

Clint has BBA Degree in professional sales from Baylor University.

In today’s episode, Clint shares his “favorite mistake” story about a time when he was working in oil and gas, in West Texas, early in his career. Did he get “sloppy or complacent” that one time that led to an oil/gas line being hit during a dig. Why was he “grateful” about the response and what did he learn and take forward with him?

We also talk about questions and topics including:

  • Sales as a process? Lessons learned from your story?
  • Overselling?
  • Persistence vs. being a pest?
  • Bad sales email of the day — things that make it bad
  • Advice for somebody who stumbles into sales?
  • Elevator speech about KaiNexus?
  • The culture at KaiNexus about learning from mistakes?

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