My Favorite Mistake — 156: Engineer/Coach Rachell Kitchen Thought She Could Be a Superwoman Early in Her Career

My guest for Episode #156 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Rachell Kitchen. She is an Author, Certified Professional Life & Transition Coach; ICF Associate Certified Coach, and Professional Speaker.

Episode page and links (with video and transcript):

She graduated college with a B.S. degree in Industry & Technology and enjoyed a career as an Industrial Engineer.

Rachell is the author of a Book: Doubt Your Doubts: How to Transform Negative Self-Talk, Take Action and Confidently Create Your Dream Life.

And she has a FREE eCourse called Grow, Expand, Thrive (GET),

In today’s episode, Rachell shares her “favorite mistake” story about being a young engineer (the only minority woman in the group) and how she “ended up on the bathroom floor at work” crying as the result of the stress of trying to have a daughter and a career. How did getting a coach help her? Why is it a mistake to not ask for help? We talk about what she’s learned along the way and more.

We also talk about questions and topics including:

  • What were your adjustments career wise?
  • Letting life create her instead of creating her life?
  • Tell us about the book — why did you write it?
  • What is “negative self talk” and why is it so common in our heads?
  • What’s your “gremlin”? Do we all have one?
  • How can we recognize doubts and negative self talk?
  • At what point are doubts helpful (in terms of being cautious about something – maybe avoiding mistakes) and when do doubts get in the way?
  • What is your “dream life” and are you making progress on that, Rachell?

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