My Favorite Mistake — 185: Dr. mOe Anderson Took a New Job Without Knowing Who the Employer Was

Dentist, author, podcaster, speaker, and more

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My guest for Episode #185 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Dr. Monica Anderson, a.ka. Dr. mOe. She is a dentist… she is and does many things… including bestselling author, podcast host, dynamic “mOe-tivational” speaker, cancer survivor, and leader of the non-profit, Drop The Drugs, Inc.

She has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Parade Magazine, Fox News, and ABC’s Good Morning Texas. And now, here!

Dr.mOe couples her business and personal experiences, to share game-changing, powerful life lessons with both humor and passion.

Dr. mOe has published several books, including her 2021 novel, Never Close Your Heart, and her most recent book Launch Your Self-Publishing Journey: The Busy Author’s Guide to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Book Fast!

Her podcast is Perpetual mOetion With Dr mOe Anderson.”

In this episode, Dr. mOe tells her favorite mistake story about signing a contract to take a job, without knowing the name of the organization! Why did it seem like a huge mistake to take that job (under those conditions) and how did it turn out to be a great learning opportunity for her through those challenges? What did she learn about the mistakes we can make when changing jobs?

We also talk about questions and topics including:

  • Not a mistake to leave private practice?
  • Mistake to accept a job not knowing WHO the client was, signed a contract…
  • The non-profit she leads, Drop The Drugs, Inc.
  • As a dentist – what are you taught (school or workplace) about dealing with possible mistakes as a dentist?
  • Preventing vs. correcting mistakes in dental work?
  • You’ve written multiple novels and then non-fiction books including that book about self-publishing — what got you started as a writer?
  • Tell us about your podcast – “Perpetual mOetion With Dr mOe Anderson”

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