My Favorite Mistake — 189: P.R. Expert Sabrina Stocker Made Mistakes in Her Businesses and on The Apprentice UK

Finalist on The Apprentice UK

Show notes, video, transcript, and more

My guest for Episode #189 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Sabrina Stocker, a tennis player turned entrepreneur, an international speaker, and a finalist for the BBC One show, The Apprentice.

She’s founded multiple businesses, and she is now a publicist and the Founder of Two Comma PR – a Public Relations firm. She wants to inspire and help others to become the best versions of themselves, specifically through helping start and scale their business.

In this episode, Sabrina tells her favorite mistake story about listening to somebody else’s advice when she was running a startup tennis events business. Why was she “fueled by fire” when she returned from a long break and was that a mistake to be driven by frustration and a desire to beat a rival instead of an intrinsic drive to serve customers? Did she make mistakes on The Apprentice?

We also talk about questions and topics including:

  • As a tennis player, what was your perspective on mistakes? Mistakes in strategy, when to adjust? Mistakes on a particular shot? Coaching players how to think about mistakes?
  • “Unforced errors” as a phrase in tennis…
  • As a leader — can’t blame… “human error is always going to happen”
  • The Apprentice UK— tell us about Lord Alan Sugar
  • Mistakes while on The Apprentice? Did you get fired because of a mistake?
  • More room to recover from a career mistake at your age?
  • You’ve done a lot at a young age… started your first business at 14 — what was that?
  • Benefits of learning from mistakes at a young age? Was that anything you were aware of?
  • Social media mistakes?
  • Mistakes related to P.R.?
  • Mistake to send repeated automated follow up emails on a pitch?

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