My Favorite Mistake: 19: Carrie Sechel on Making Partner and Leaving a “Comfortable Hell”

Former Deloitte partner, coach, speaker, and trainer

Show notes:

Joining me for Episode #19 is Carrie Sechel, a former Deloitte partner who now works as a coach, speaker, and trainer. As Carrie explains:

“After years of building my career as a partner at Deloitte, I found my family broken by guilt, shame, resentment, and addiction. My husband, Todd, and I committed to creating our own family model that celebrates the best of each of us. Now, we have a relationship and life that I couldn’t even imagine a few years ago.”

She has over 20 years of coaching and consulting experience. Carrie is the author of the bestselling book, BASE Jump: Finding Yourself In An Unfulfilling Professional World and she is a co-author of the WarriHER Playbook.

In our conversation, Carrie shares a mistake from her time at Deloitte, where what might have been characterized as a “human error” and a “process error” was really, to her, a “management error” that she was responsible for. This situation and the “gap” she identified between “what I am and what I’m pressured to be” led to her departure and her increased focus on female breadwinners and the particular issues that can create in lives, families, and careers.

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