My Favorite Mistake — 197: ADHD Expert & Entrepreneur Kristen Carder Regretted Spending $10k on a Mastermind Program

Host of the “I Have ADHD” podcast

My guest for Episode #197 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Kristen Carder. She is a serial entrepreneur andmindset coachfor adults with ADHD. She’s the host of a podcast: “I Have ADHD.”

Her website with her “FOCUSED” group coaching program:

In this episode, Kristen tells her favorite mistake story about spending $10,000 on a “mastermind” group that was not at all what she expected. Why was there a gap between her expectations and reality? When did she realize there was a problem? What did she do and how did she learn from this, as a coach-ee and a coach? We also talk about mistakes related to understanding ADHD and living with it — at work and in our personal lives.

As she always says on her podcast, she’s “medicated, caffeinated, and ready to roll.”

Questions and Topics:

  • When did you realize it was a mistake? Did you ask for a refund? 3 reasons why not…
  • When should somebody join a “mastermind” instead of getting 1×1 coaching?
  • Lesson learned: explicitly lays out WHAT a mastermind is when she sells one
  • Red flags that you’re getting bad info about ADHD?
  • Why ADHD is not simply a “gift” or a “superpower”?
  • How do you define ADHD?
  • The inability to direct attention
  • Trouble regulating impulse – attention and emotion?
  • You were diagnosed in college… I was diagnosed last year at age 48… what led to you getting diagnosed?
  • Causes? Differences in the brain?
  • A mistake to tell people at work that you’re ADHD?
  • Kristen’s episode: Should You Tell People About Your ADHD?
  • Explanation not an excuse
  • Her FOCUSED coaching program

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