My Favorite Mistake — 201: Marché Pleshette on Navigating Change Initiatives and Making Career Choices After College

Co-author of the upcoming book “Change: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity.” – Available April 18th, 2023.

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My guest for Episode #201 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Marché Pleshette. She is a skilled leadership coach who has been a FranklinCovey consultant since 2008. She’s a co-author of the book Change: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity, available April 18th, 2023.

As a keynote speaker and facilitator, Marché’s work focuses on effective communication, leadership, professional change and transitions, employee engagement and retention, and the organizational value of human capital.

She has been the subject matter expert for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® and serves on Franklincovey’s coaching team that ensures the quality of their world-class consultants. Before coming to FranklinCovey, Marché worked for a major health system in Atlanta as a manager of employee retention. She holds a B.A. in mass communications with a journalism focus, and is a certified coach.

In this episode, Marché tells her favorite mistake story about what happened on the first day of what was supposed to be her first job out of college. Was she an early example of “ghosting” an employer? Why did she have conflicted loyalties about wanting this job — but feeling pressure not to take it? We talk about her lessons learned and why having a champion inspired her to be a champion for others.

Questions and Topics:

  • Do most major change initiatives fail? Is some of the data / numbers overblown?
  • Why/Where most change initiatives fail?
  • Minimizing the dip… Giving up in the dip?
  • “Move, minimize, wait, resist, and quit”
  • The technical part of change and the people part…
  • Not just logic and reasoning but emotions and feelings…
  • Why does change trigger our “fight or flight” instincts?

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