My Favorite Mistake — 204: Amanda Watts, The Empowered Introvert, on Battling, Recovering From, and Preventing Burnout

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My guest for Episode #204 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Amanda C. Watts, “The Empowered Introvert.” She is the award-winning founder of Oompf Global. Embracing her ‘hidden’ introvert strengths, she has served over 700 clients in 23 countries, amassed a community of 25,000 followers, and written three best-selling books.

Her mission is to educate other introverted professionals – including accountants, business coaches, and consultants – on how to do marketing and manage their energy so that they can make more money with fewer clients.

In this episode, Amanda shares her favorite mistake story about her “journey of burnout.” How did she get burned out, how did she recover, and how can others avoid or prevent burnout? Why did Amanda go through multiple cycles of burnout and what can we all learn from that?

Questions and Topics:

  • What’s an introvert doing as a guest on a podcast?
  • Burnout – avoiding it, not repeating the mistake?
  • Recovering from burnout?
  • Again, I’m an introvert… I could use your help, I think!
  • A “chatty introvert”
  • Maintaining Energy for introverts
  • What types of sales & marketing activities feel right to introverts?
  • Not charging your worth? — free ebook

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