My Favorite Mistake — 209: Shirley Novack Got Surrounded by Secret Service; Interior Design Business Mistakes

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My guest for Episode #209 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Shirley Novack, Owner and Interior Designer at her firm, S. Novack and Assoc.

She originally graduated with a degree in Laboratory Science.  After marrying and having three children, she went back to school and has run her successful interior design business for almost 40 years. 

As a first generation daughter of Polish/Russian parents, she has recently published her first book, a Historical Fiction novel called The Story Of… — This book is loosely based on the life of her father, a Russian immigrant…

In this episode, Shirley shares her favorite mistake story about being in the wrong place at the wrong time — taking a wrong turn in a van at Boston's Logan Airport and getting surrounded by Secret Service. We also discuss her novel and mistakes made running her interior design company, and more.

Questions and Topics:

  • Not the only time she was suspected of being a terrorist? 
  • Was getting that degree as a medical technologist a mistake?
  • Your initial message to me said, “still running my design practice trying to keep from making any more mistakes.”
  • Do you have methods for trying to prevent mistakes? Or prevent repeats?
  • Also said, “making mistakes is human, as long as I'm not the surgeon operating on the wrong appendage.” It’s good to remember that right?
  • David Mayer, MD — Episode 70
  • Dealing with mistakes that employees might make?
  • Her “most expensive mistake…” in the interior design business
  • Firing her officer manager of 20 years — why?
  • Interior design mistakes that clients are driving??
  • Is the customer always right?
  • Tell us about the book… what inspired you?
  • What’s a “Hybrid publisher”?
  • Next book? – working on the next one…

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