My Favorite Mistake — 212: They Painted a Baby? Serial Entrepreneur Matt Shoup on Selling by Sharing Mistakes

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My guest for Episode #212 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Matt Shoup. In 2005, Matt was laid off and then founded M & E Painting, which grew quickly — and has produced over $30 million dollars in revenue since 2005. Matt and M & E Painting have received dozens of business awards.

He’s the author of books including his latest, Painted Baby: Connect with Clients through Brave and Vulnerable Storytelling.

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Matt was named one Colorado Biz Magazine’s Top Five Most Influential Young Professionals (2010), one of 40 Under 40 Top Business Leaders by the Northern Colorado Business Report (2013), amongst other awards.

Matt has founded 6 successful companies and grown them all from the ground up. All of these companies are being run by extraordinary people!  Along the way, Matt received his Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt.

In this episode, Matt shares his favorite mistake story about the time employees of his company accidentally painted a baby due to an equipment mishap. What happened and why did he end up writing a book about it to encourage business owners to own and share their mistakes to connect deeper with clients?

Questions and Topics:

  • A potential client asked him — “Tell me about a time you screwed up and what you did about it…”
  • How you reacted to the mistake? Had time to think while driving over there? – Reaction vs. response
  • Learning from that accident to prevent it?
  • Not painting a picture of perfection…
  • Tell us about the time you met Kevin Harrington… Episode 1
  • Using that story to sell more painting jobs?
  • Effective in sharing the story proactively?
  • What’s your secret – what’s your painted baby story?
  • “I thought selling was telling…”
  • Right color on the wrong house – how did that happen?
  • Mayor of Colleyville – demo-ed wrong house
  • Starting companies and handing them off to be run by others?
  • “Can the business run without you?” — “Can it grow without you?”
  • Lessons from jiu jitsu – practicing and teaching it?
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