My Favorite Mistake: 22: Karen Martin on Leaving Her Corporate Job to Go Solo and the Arrogance of Certainty

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Show notes

Joining me for Episode #22 is Karen Martin, President of TKMG, and Founder and President of TKMG Academy. She is the author of many books including The Outstanding Organization and Clarity First.

Today, we talk about Karen’s “favorite mistake” of leaving a corporate job to go solo. Why was it a mistake to want the VP title so badly? Why did it seem like a mistake (to her or to others) for her to leave? We also have a great conversation about how to create a culture in a company where it’s safe to talk about (and learn from) mistakes.

I also love this quote and you’ll have to listen (or read the transcript) to get the context:

“So I think of certainty as being a form of arrogance because we can’t actually ever be certain.”

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