My Favorite Mistake — 221: Beate Chelette Lost a Year of Her Life in a Lawsuit, Wanted to be Right

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My guest for Episode #221 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Beate Chelette. Beate is the Growth Architect and Founder of “The Women’s Code” – she provides visionaries and leaders with proven strategies, blueprints and growth maps that provide clear steps to improve business systems,  strengthen leadership skills and teams so that their clients and audiences can maximize profits and scale their impact. 

A first-generation immigrant who found herself $135,000 in debt as a single parent, Beate bootstrapped her passion for photography into a global business that licensed content into 79 countries. She exited in a multimillion-dollar deal when she sold the company to Bill Gates. 

She is the host of a podcast, the Business Growth Architect Show. Her book is Happy Woman Happy World: The Foolproof Fix That Takes You From Overwhelmed To Awesome.

In this episode, Beate shares her favorite mistake story about losing a year of her life by engaging in a lawsuit where she was “right” but it “wasn't worth the time.” Why did it just lead to mental anguish? What did Beate learn from this and what can we learn from her? We discuss that and more.

Questions and Topics:

  • You sold your business to Bill Gates, what was it that you sold?
  • “If you think something’s off… you’re right”
  • Did you consider dropping the case at different points?
  • How did you get everything back on track with your career and businesses?
  • How often are you helping business owners who are in a similar rock bottom situation?
  • What are the most common blockers to business growth?
  • Find out what your #1 Business Growth Blocker is
  • How to clarify strategy and “what do you do?”
  • Doing a bunch of random things vs. having a strategy?

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