My Favorite Mistake — 223: CEO Alisa Applewhite Hired 18 Family Members Into Her Business

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My guest for Episode #223 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Alisa Applewhite. She is the CEO of Top of the Line Healthcare Staffing, TOTLHS Heart of Gold Inc., and The Real Alisa Applewhite Consulting. Alisa describes herself as a Nurse, CEO, Wife, Mom, Child of God, Friend, Daughter, and Sister.

In this episode, Alisa shares her favorite mistake story about hiring 18 family members based on emotion, paying them too much. How did she discover performance issues and her mistake? Did she have to let some of them go?

We also discuss a number of issues in healthcare, including proper staffing levels, “travel” nurse staffing, and the mistake of not listening to the patient's family about how they're doing.

Questions and Topics:

  • Working at the bed when Covid started? What was it like?
  • The story of starting the staffing company?
  • How Covid affected her mentally
  • The business need for a staffing agency like hers?
  • Staffing level mistakes in healthcare? What’s standard vs. what’s sufficient??
  • Determining the “true” ratios for staffing?? What’s standard vs. what’s practical?
  • The dynamics where nurses are increasingly wanting to be a “traveler” nurse? More to it than just higher pay?
  • “Stigma” of travel nurses can be unfair?
  • Videos — 5 nursing mistakes
  • Mistake to NOT listen to patient’s family about how the patient is doing?
  • A time your listening saved a patient’s life?

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