My Favorite Mistake — 226: Dr. Eli Joseph on the Benefits of “Rejection Resumes” and Mistakes

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My guest for Episode #226 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Dr. Eli Joseph. He is an author, educator, and 3-time TEDx speaker who currently serves as a faculty member at Columbia University, New York University, and UCLA.

Using rejection to fuel his professional achievements, Dr. Joseph earned his bachelor’s degree at the age of 20, a master’s degree at the age of 21, and earned a doctorate degree at Felician University while teaching at Columbia University at the age of 24, and became a Quest Diagnostics business partner at the age of 25.

He’s the author of the book, The Perfect Rejection Resume: A Reader’s Guide to Building a Career Through Failure (February 22, 2022).

In this episode, Eli shares his favorite mistake story about being rejected for an internship with JP Morgan Chase in 2015. How did this inspire him to write a book on rejection resumes? Why share rejections publicly? We discuss all of that and more.

Questions and Topics:

  • So that “favorite mistake” rejection is on your rejection resume??
  • What inspired you to write the book on rejection resumes?
  • Why share failures or rejections publicly?
  • What does it mean to get vaccinated by failure?
  • Failures, rejections, mistakes — get back on direction or a new direction??
  • Gianis Antetokounmpo — failure question — link to the video
  • Book: “addressing the lessons learned from our failures”?
  • How to make sure we really learn?
  • Why do we love to blame others?
  • Time management — future book, mistakes around that?

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