My Favorite Mistake — 233: Victory Beyond the Soccer Field: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Phebe Trotman

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My guest for Episode #233 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Phebe Trotman, a successful and heart-centered entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada, who is passionate about helping others discover their joy. Her book, released in July, is Never Quit on a Bad Day: Inspiring Stories of Resilience – Thriving Entrepreneurs.
In both her athletic and professional careers, Phebe’s personal success has been a testament that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a team-centered approach. 
As an athlete, she has achieved many accolades as a soccer player, including being inducted into several sports halls of fame, winning championship titles, and being recognized as an exceptional athlete. Phebe has also excelled in her career as a network marketer, earning top awards and recognition within her company
In today’s episode, Phebe shares her favorite mistake getting a red card, which meant being ejected from a semifinal soccer championship match and sitting out the final. What were the life lessons and business lessons from this incident, where she retaliated against an opponent for their rough play?

The retaliation gets punished??
Business lesson? We have a choice to how we respond??
Learning to not react — controlling our reactions
Reacting to negative feedback, even before the book was released?
Facing challenges? “ we should be more open about our struggles.” — why is that?
When is it a mistake to quit too soon?
Was it a tough decision to retire from professional soccer?
Did you watch Ted Lasso?? What resonated with you?
Helping others be resilient in the aftermath of mistakes?
Lessons from the writing and publishing of the book??

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