My Favorite Mistake — 245: Marketing, Mistakes, and Mastery with Lauren Petrullo of Mongoose Media

My guest for Episode #245 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Lauren Petrullo. She is an award-winning marketing expert, digital marketing and eCommerce consultant, and successful multi-founder. Lauren has overcome great adversity from a young age, as well as living by the F.A.I.L. method with her Mongoose Media “pack mates” as she calls them.

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Lauren is the CEO and Founder of Award Winning Marketing Agency, Mongoose Media, Founder of boutique eCommerce store Asian Beauty Essentials, Chief Marketing Officer of eco-conscious baby swimwear Beau & Belle Littles, and co-founder of chatbot service Bot Blondes. As a former Innovation Producer at The Walt Disney Company, Lauren incorporates her background in innovation and design to infuse creativity and play into all of her marketing strategies.

Today, we’re talking about turning failures into stepping stones. In this episode, Lauren will dig into her “fail method,” the importance of integrating creativity into marketing strategies, and her unique approach to fostering a culture of transparency and learning at Mongoose Media.

Further, she will delve into the value of diversity in honing effective marketing strategies and the proactive approach toward addressing and learning from mistakes. Also, discover how Lauren and her team are leveraging innovative remote collaboration tools and setting an example of how to emulate a robust and dynamic work culture.

Questions and Topics:

  • Why the name Mongoose Media?
  • Why “pack mates”?
  • Why is it important to tell your team about your mistake?
  • Having a F.A.I.L. channel on Slack
  • Celebrating failure? “First Attempt in Learning”? 
  • Celebrating the Biggest failure of the week?
  • Hiring selection vs. bringing them along in the culture? Which is more important?
  • Using small mistakes to prevent big ones?
  • “Why do I want to celebrate failures??” — good catches
  • What is “The ONLY Advertising Hospital™?”?
  • Why do you embrace the title of “destruction queen”?
  • In your bio it says — “Dare to be vulgar, refuse to be boring.”???
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