My Favorite Mistake — 247: Driving Growth: The Generosity Culture and Sharing Mistakes with April Shprintz

My guest for Episode #247 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is April Shprintz, owner of her firm, Driven Outcomes. She’s is a leading sales expert and business accelerator, having generated over $1.2 billion in direct revenue in different roles. 

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She is also the creator of The Generosity Culture® and the host of the top-rated podcast, “Winning Mindset Mastery.” April’s book, Magic Blue Rocks: The Secret to Doing Anything, is available as an audiobook, Kindle, and paperback.

Named one of the Top 22 Entrepreneurs of 2023 by New York Weekly, April is a U.S. Air Force veteran and has been described as a force of nature. 

Shprintz’s journey is a masterclass in defying norms and embracing opportunities. Her transition from military to civilian life, her progression from broadcasting to sales, her courage to challenge hiring status quos—each of these phases in her career path are instructive and inspiring. In this episode, she shares her insights on leadership, her revolutionary ideas about workplace culture, and the lessons she’s learned from her favorite mistakes.

Questions and Topics:

  • What if you hadn’t sent the email?
  • Did you adjust after being hired?
  • Your company — “Driven Outcomes” — why that name?
  • Why do you share your series of FAIL Friday posts on LinkedIn?
  • Sounded authoritative — good trait for a newscaster? A consultant? Executive? Is there training for that? 
  • Building rapport by sharing mistakes? What have you learned?
  • Transferrable Leadership lessons from your time in the Air Force?