My Favorite Mistake — 256: Embracing Life’s Twists: A Journey of Yoga, Meditation, and Unexpected Opportunities with Ann Swanson

My guest for Episode #256 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Ann Swanson, the author of the internationally bestselling book SCIENCE OF YOGA, which has been translated into over 15 languages. 

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Her new book, Meditation for the Real World, illuminates the fascinating science behind meditation with step-by-step practices. She worked alongside Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Sara Lazar and an illustrator for the New York Times to create this science-backed visual guide. It’s important to note that Ann wasn’t a naturally “chill person,” and meditation didn’t come easy to her. 

Overcoming her own chronic pain and anxiety led her to India to study yoga and meditation, to China to explore tai chi, and to earn a Master of Science graduate degree in Yoga Therapy. Now, Ann blends cutting-edge research with ancient wisdom, resulting in realistic techniques you won’t just learn – you’ll love to live by!

This episode sheds light on the journey of turning mistakes into unexpected triumphs — and how Ann’s favorite mistake was thankfully a “near mistake.” We discuss how the resilience to push through tribulations is often the stepping stone to success in personal well-being and spiritual practice.

We also touch upon the art of manifestation, breaking stereotypes and illustrating how envisioning one’s life trajectory and being open to various possibilities can lead to astonishing opportunities. We delve into real-life case studies of individuals going from rejection to becoming acclaimed authors, demonstrating the importance of sharing one’s knowledge and skills, maintaining a positive digital presence, and the role of persistence and self-belief.

Questions and Topics:

  • What’s your favorite mistake?
  • Getting so many job rejections… over 100
  • Wouldn’t have known it was a mistake??
  • How did meditation help you during those tough times??
  • Tell us the story of this latest book,  “Meditation for the Real World,”
  • Meditation mistakes? Is that possible?
  • What if you feel like you are “bad” at meditating, or your mind wanders too much?
  • Mind / body connection between yoga and meditation?
  • How long do you need to meditate for it to work? Can one-minute meditations really make a difference?
  • The science of meditation??
  • Why do most people fail at developing a consistent meditation practice? How can we apply the science to finally build a sustainable practice?
  • Any mistakes in the writing the book?