My Favorite Mistake — 258: Redefining Professional Learning: An Emphasis on Mistakes with Michael Bloom

My guest for Episode #258 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Michael Bloom, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Praktio, an online learning company whose mission is “to create space for learning through mistakes.”

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Before leaving to run Praktio full time, Michael was the founding director of the Transactional Lab & Clinic, an experiential program at the University of Michigan Law School.

Michael is the co-author of two books on contracts from a transactional perspective: Contracts and Commercial Transactions and Contracts: A Transactional Approach.

Michael earned his J.D. from Yale Law School and earned his B.A. with highest distinction from the University of Michigan, where he studied American history.

This episode focuses on Michael’s journey from being a clinical professor to founding Praktio. By creating an environment that promotes learning through mistakes, Michael has challenged traditional paradigms and aligned his unique educational model with the evolving needs of learners in a fast-paced, information-rich world. His entrepreneurial venture, peppered with a fair share of mistakes, has yielded invaluable insights that have guided the development of a highly effective educational model that thrives on constructive feedback and the power of mistakes.

Questions and Topics:

  • Is it a mistake to listen to ALL feedback equally?
  • Did you fear it might be a mistake to leave the law school and go full time into Praktio?
  • How do law firms react to mistakes? 
  • Framed as learning opportunities or something shameful?
  • Tell us more about the Praktio story and product…
  • Make mistakes in a safe environment to avoid the real one?
  • Learning from the mistakes made by others now?
  • What are some common or bad mistakes that could be made with contracts?
  • Preventing mistakes vs. more senior inspecting the work?
  • LinkedIn Profile: “Make mistakes and learn from them”
  • As CEO, how do you think about mistakes INTERNAL to Praktio?
  • Cultivating a culture of learning from mistakes?
  • Learning from the mistakes of other entrepreneurs?