My Favorite Mistake — 259: Navigating the Evolution of Book Publishing: Insights for Authors from Michele DeFilippo

My guest for Episode #259 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Michele DeFilippo, the Founder of 1106 Design, LLC, started in 2001 to work with authors to help them take advantage of opportunities in the changing industry of book publishing – providing one-stop publishing services from manuscript to market.

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I’ve worked with Michele on my last two books, Measures of Success and The Mistakes That Make Us.

In this episode, Michele shares her “favorite mistake” story. We also take a deeper look into a significant industry change, – the rise of independent publishing. They trace this journey to the late 90s and early 2000s when independent publishing emerged as a robust alternative to traditional publishing houses. Uncover the misunderstood beginnings of independent publishing and how it has been pivotal in empowering authors.

From its initially misconceived do-it-yourself approach, independent publishing has evolved into a strategic model that allows authors to bring industry professionals together to create high-quality books. In this episode, dive deep with us to explore how this professional, comprehensive approach has shifted the industry’s narrative from – “self-published” towards “independent publishers.” Unearth the numerous ways professionalism and strategic collaboration can create a book product that competes favorably at the market level and meets readers’ demands.

Questions and Topics:

  • Starting 1106 Design?? Did you look more before you leaped?
  • “Independent publishing” vs “self publishing”?
  • People DO judge a book by the cover??
  • Changes publishers have to make for cover design for online purchasing??
  • Compare traditional publishing vs. hybrid vs. indy?
  • What does an author need to ask??
  • What happens if that company goes out of business and disappeared??
  • Manuscript is done… but now what?
  • What does it cost to produce a book to traditional publisher standards?
  • Mistake to assume your book is going to be sold in physical bookstores?
  • Print book vs. eBook?