My Favorite Mistake: 26: Doubting Herself as a Singer and Performer: Yaya Diamond

Singer, recording artist, podcast host, radio host, and more…

Show notes:

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Joining me for Episode #26 is Yaya Diamond, a professional singer, recording artist, podcast host and (now) radio host. She’s very dynamic and I’ve enjoyed our conversations very much (she’s having me on her podcast as a guest shortly, something we’ve already recorded). You can tell why she is a professional entertainer and I am not 🙂

Yaya says that her “favorite mistake” is not trusting her own abilities and talents, which has sometimes held her back, as we’ll discuss. Yaya has worked to stop repeating this mistake, using a “5-4-3-2-1” method that she learned that helps her avoid overthinking situations. We talk about making mistakes on stage as a performer (and I share a personal mistake that I made as a member of the Northwestern University Marching Band).

I think you’ll enjoy the conversation, as I did.

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