My Favorite Mistake: 29: Not Knowing Who She Wanted to Work With: Kim Thompson-Pinder

“The extraordinary word ninja” – author, publisher, book coach…

Show notes:

Joining me for Episode #29 is Kim Thompson-Pinder and she calls herself the β€œthe extraordinary word ninja.” Kim is Owner/Chief Visionary Officer at RTI Publishing House, and she is the author of five books. Her most recent title, being released soon, is Author to Authority (click for a free preview). Kim is also host of a podcast of the same name.

You’ll hear Kim talk about that colorful phrase and why she uses it. You’ll learn about her favorite mistake of getting overwhelmed with clients — how she just “fell into” this sort of work and she didn’t clearly define who she would want to work with. Is it a mistake to not have a book? Maybe not, but Kim will talk about the value of having a “signature book” that defines you and your business.

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