My Favorite Mistake: 33: Mistakes in Filmmaking and College Basketball with “Filmpreneur” Forrest Tuff

Forrest Tuff, the founder and CEOofOne Vision Productions, professional speaker, business coach, author.

Show notes:

Joining me for Episode #33 is Forrest Tuff, the founder and CEOofOne Vision Productions,an award-winning, multimedia production company. He does so many things…

Forrest is a creative person who is also business savvy (he calls himself a “filmpreneur”). He has 180+movie credits that includedocumentaries, indie films, and a major motion picturewith Twentieth Century Fox. He is the host of the Tuff Talk Show… and he was also a Division I basketball player.

Today, we talk about his “favorite mistake” of leaving a regular job (something others thought was a mistake). We talk about his views on the possibility of mistakes in making movies and taking three-point shots. We talk about his coaching through the SCORE program and how he defines servant leadership.

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