My Favorite Mistake: 34: Mistakes Running a Chiropractic Practice with Dr. Kelly Henry

Chiropractor, entrepreneur, consultant, and author

Joining me for Episode #34 is Dr. Kelly Henry, a chiropractor who has owned clinics, but now helps others in his role as “The Customer Experience Doctor.” He is also the author of the newly-released book Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: Proven strategies to maximize your profits. The book is currently the #1 new release in the Amazon “customer relations” category

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In the episode, Kelly talks about his “favorite mistake,” which was an underperforming chiropractic office in Phoenix. The business was “harder than he thought” and he reflects that he should have had coaches to help him. We talk about chiropractic schools don’t really teach much about starting or running a practice (a problem that is common across various medical specialties).

Kelly was later very successful when he purchased an existing practice with a built-in patient base. He’s learned a lot about improving the customer experience and customer retention over time, which he shares in his book.

We talk about why the employee experience and the customer experience go “hand in hand,” how a small bump in customer retention leads to a big bump in profit, and what healthcare organizations can do beyond surveying patients on their experience.

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