My Favorite Mistake — 66: The Girl Never Made Mistakes, But the Author Did: Mark Pett

Author of “The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes”
Show notes and enter to win a signed copy of his book:
My guest for Episode #66 is Mark Pett, an “authorstrator”– he’s the author (and illustrator) of children’s books including the incredibly delightful and meaningful book “The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes.” Before writing his books, he created the syndicated comic strips “Mr. Lowe” and “Lucky Cow.”
In the episode, Mark shares his “favorite mistake” story about his early days as a political cartoonist, trying to find work and mistakenly submitting a cartoon that was too close to another artist’s cartoon that was already published. A Pulitzer Prize cartoonist warned him about “borrowing” ideas from his influences — it was an honest inadvertent mistake, but he was “mortified” and he learned from it. Here is a blog post of mine that I mentioned, about “imitate, integrate, and innovate.”
We also talk about his book, which was powerful reading for me as an adult. I’ve dubbed it “the official book of the podcast” and I’ve been giving away copies to guests and friends of the show. We talk about perfectionism, growth mindset, and more.

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