My Favorite Mistake — 68: Focusing on the Work More Than the Relationships: Ahmed Aref

CEO of CorpoCure, host of the “Values & Leadership” Podcast


My guest for Episode #68 is Ahmed Aref, a global leadership coach, speaker, and strategic partner. He is an Egyptian currently living in Saudi Arabia, so he is my first connected with either country. He is CEO of CorpoCure, which produces the “Values & Leadership Podcast” and I was his guest there for Episode 11.

He is also an Associate Coach with Global Coach Group and Ahmed is an Executive and Team Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. You can learn more through his LinkedIn page and his YouTube channel.

Questions and topics include:

  • What was Ahmed’s favorite mistake?
  • Why was he excluded from a key meeting?
  • What happened with Ahmed focused more on the work instead of also focusing on relationships?
  • Why is it important to spend time on those relationships?
  • How can we give honest feedback with Emotional Intelligence?
  • What mistake did Mark make but then NOT edit out from the recording?
    Not editing it out was an intentional choice, not an oversight…

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