My Favorite Mistake — 69: Needing to Know the Answer & Staying Too Long: AmyJo Mattheis

Founder & CEO of Pavo Navigation Consulting

Show notes:

My guest for Episode #69 is AmyJo Mattheis, the founder and CEO of her firm Pavo Navigation Consulting.

She has worked in international development, government, higher education, and religion — a professor and a pastor. Works a lot with high-tech startups… she has managed teams, built roadmaps, facilitated groups, navigated boards, set vision, and led thousands of people to bring them into form.

Questions and topics include:

  • What were AmyJo’s three favorite mistakes?
    Needing to know the answer (or thinking I had to be right)
    Staying too long in a job
    Expecting the organization to “love you back” (even if that’s a church)
  • How do you learn it’s a problem?
  • Somatic indicators – signals?
  • Is it fixable? Is it mine to fix? Advice: set a timeline to see if it can be better
  • Knowledge vs. assumption
  • Being right vs. testing hypotheses
  • Coaches people all the time who beat themselves up over mistakes — accepted part of the culture
  • Believing it was my responsibility to make everything right or successful
  • Founders in Silicon Valley and Venture Capital firms… fail fast, fail early? Easier said than done

“I am exactly where I am meant to be, doing what I am supposed to do, at the exact time and place it is needed. All of where I have been now culminates into a potent product that brings results of increase for all and a new pathway to profit for you, your company, organization, or institution.”

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