My Favorite Mistake — 71: Dating Mistakes and Rushing Through College, With Matchmaker April Davis

Founder and CEO of LUMA Luxury Matchmaking

Show Notes:

My guest for Episode #71 is April Davis, founder and CEO ofLUMA Luxury Matchmaking, an INC. 5000 high-end nationwide Matchmaking service featured in Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County, Forbes, and CBS.

In today’s episode, April shares her “favorite mistake” about pushing to get through college too quickly (she got her master’s at age 20). You’ll hear about how she left corporate America and started a matchmaking service (and why it was a mistake to not start it sooner). April also shares stories and advice about how to avoid mistakes when dating or when trying to find your perfect match for marriage and life.

Questions and topics include:

  • How did you come to start a matchmaking service?
  • How much of this is technology versus a person making matches?
  • Dating mistakes? Especially those by executives, entrepreneurs, and high net worth people?
  • How do you measure your matchmaking success rate?
  • How does your background in process improvement help you in this business?

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