My Favorite Mistake — 80: What Getting Stuck in an MLM Hard Sell Event Taught Tim Spiker About Leadership

Founder of “The Aperio” and author of The Only Leaders Worth Following
Show notes:
My guest for Episode #80 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Tim Spiker, founder of his company The Aperio and author of the book The Only Leaders Worth* Following: Why Some Leaders Succeed, Others Fail, and How the Quality of Our Lives Hangs in the Balance.
Other topics and questions:

What does the word “Aperio” mean with your company name?
What is the “who* not what principle”?
“3/4 of effectiveness as a leader is who you are, not what you do”
What are the four steps of empathy?
The book — what does the asterisk next to Worth mean?
How do you choose a leader worth following? Mistakes people make in choosing to follow leaders?
What are the effects of poor leadership on relationships and health?
Implications for hiring or promoting?
Rationalizing bad behavior or thinking you HAVE to be a jerk to be successful (Steve Jobs?)
Why do leaders want to do new things without changing how they are?
Leaders reacting to mistakes? How should they?
Humility in leaders is a magnet… trust

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