My Favorite Mistake — 82: The Customer Wanted ONE Person to Blame: Kyle Kumpf

Entrepreneur and financial services process improvement leader

Show notes:

My guest for Episode #82 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Kyle Kumpf. He has founded a few businesses, has been a consultant, and is currently working in the financial services industry. Kyle has a bachelor’s degree in packaging engineering technology from Indiana State University.

Like me, he’s been deeply involved in process improvement work (Lean Six Sigma) and his current mission is “ending human suffering as it relates to process in Financial Services.”

In this episode, Kyle talks about his “favorite mistake” involving a time when he “disobeyed one of his personal values” — the customer wanted someONE to blame, and he wrote up an employee. Why did he regret this action and how did he realize it was a mistake? We talk about that, mistakes related to his passion of playing golf, and more.

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