My Favorite Mistake — 83: Studying Too Much and Suffering Health Consequences: Sabrina Malter

Manager of Strategy & Organizational Change

My guest for Episode #83 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Sabrina Malter, a Manager of Strategy and Organizational Change at Roche Diagnostics (in Germany).

Show notes:

Today, Sabrina shares two “favorite mistake” stories. One is about studying too much and not taking care of herself to the point that she lost her hearing for a period and suffered from short-term memory loss. How has she learned to notice the early warning signs of such overwork and stress? Her second story is about “playing it safe too much” and how “courage” was her theme for the year 2020.

We also talk about creating a workplace culture where it’s safe to talk openly about mistakes, something we both agree is incredibly important. What happened when, as a fan of this podcast, she asked a new executive what his favorite mistake was?

And, does she know what the word “verschlimmbesserung” means? She does and she’ll explain what it means to her.

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