My Favorite Mistake — 91: “Digital Body Language” Mistakes From Erica Dhawan — Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

Author of the new book “Digital Body Language”

Show notes and links:

My guest for Episode #91 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Erica Dhawan, a globally recognized leadership expert, and keynote speaker. She helps organizations and leaders innovate faster and further, together.

Her new book DIGITAL BODY LANGUAGE: How to Build Trust & Connection No Matter the Distance reached #3 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list! Scroll down to learn how to enter to win a copy.

She has a BS from The Wharton School, an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

In today’s episode, Erica shares her “favorite mistake” story about how her electronic communication with a newly hired intern gave the wrong impression — and what she learned from that experience.

Other topics and questions:

  • Should we communicate differently with “digital natives?”
  • Was your book based on mistakes or research or both?
  • What is digital body language?
  • Writing vs video meetings?
  • When do we really need to be on video??
  • Digital body language mistakes?
  • Meeting mutitasking — Not paying attention?
  • “This meeting could have been an email”
  • Dealing with the person who never wants to turn on video??
  • Virtual speaking mistakes?
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