My Favorite Mistake — 92: What a Friend’s Murder Taught Sunil Godse About Listening to Our Intuition

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I’ve lost my voice due to allergies, so I want to thank my wife for bailing me out by serving as an announcer for this episode.

My guest for Episode #92 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Sunil Godse. He’s an engineer who has a company called Intuitionology and he teaches “businesses how to boost their productivity by using intuitive resonance to establish trusted professional relationships.”

Sunil is the author of the books Fail Fast. Succeed Faster and GUT!

In today’s episode, Sunil shares his “favorite mistake” story about an unfortunate violent crime committed against a friend and how that helped him better appreciate the role of “gut” and “intuition” in business and in life.

Before recording the episode, Sunil told me, “My obsession with studying why we ignore our intuition was when I made that mistake that led to a good friend of mine being shot and killed, and I created the Intuitionology project to stop people from wasting time in their lives making bad decisions when they could spend that same time making the right decisions that move their lives forward.”

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