My Favorite Mistake — 93: Seeking Answers From Outside Herself: Lisa Winneke of “The Good News Guide”

Creator of the Good News Guide

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I’ve lost my voice due to allergies, so I want to thank my wife for bailing me out, again, by serving as an announcer for this episode.

My guest for Episode #93 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Lisa Winneke. An expert in self-empowerment,Lisaknows all about leadership, growth, and love and she helps people becomethe most trusted person in their client’s, companies, and families lives. She is the founder & host of “The Good News Guide,” which can be found on YouTube and as a podcast.

In today’s episode, Lisa shares her “favorite mistake” story about a theme of looking outside of herself for answers to life’s questions. Why did she say she “didn’t even know who I was”?

Other topics and questions:

  • Being afraid of making mistakes
  • Mark Pett’s book –> His episode
  • A mistake to watch too much mainstream TV news?
  • Working with individuals now, also CEOs and leadership teams
  • Her new membership program, working with individuals now, also CEOs and leadership teams
  • Find Lisa onPodcast

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