My Favorite Mistake — 98: Karene Lambert-Gorwyn Will Fire You for Hiding a Mistake, Not For Making One

Mumpreneur, Property Investor and Success Coach

Show notes:

My guest for Episode #98 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Karene Lambert-Gorwyn.She’s a Mumpreneur, Property Investor and Success Coach, Karene Lambert-Gorwyn balances being a full-time mother with running 3 businesses and an ever-expanding property portfolio.

A former management consultant, she brings years of successful corporate experience along with her own unique insights to the health industry, Karene helps practitioners scale from six to seven figures. You can get a free strategy session with her via her firm’s website.

Karene is the co-author (with husband and business partner Chris) of Grow Your Heart Centred Business: From Passion to Profit.

In today’s episode, Karene shares her “favorite mistake” story about making it “wrong” to be herself and why, for a while, she had only achieved the “facade” of success.

Other topics and questions:

  • What does it mean for a business to be “heart centred”?
  • What types of businesses or entrepreneurs do you work with?
  • Being yourself? What’s the application of that idea to your clients?
  • Progressionist not a perfectionist
  • Being open about mistakes
  • Won’t get fired for admitting a mistake
  • Will get terminated immediately for lying or hidingmistakes
  • You need to almost celebrate them, treat them as learning moments
  • Husband and business partner — the bonus of learning from each other
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