My Favorite Mistake — Bonus: Phebe Trotman’s Update: Author of “Never Quit on a Bad Day”

Welcome to another special bonus episode of “My Favorite Mistake” with your host, Mark Graban! In this episode, we’re delighted to welcome back Phebe Trotman, who has just released her second book, “Never Quit on a Bad Day: Inspiring Stories of Resilience.”

Phebe previously joined us in Episode 233, and today she’s here to share more about her new book. We discuss the incredible stories from decorated athletes, the lessons of resilience, and how these insights can be applied to everyone’s life, not just athletes.

Tune in to hear about:

  • The journey of creating “Never Quit on a Bad Day” and how it fits into the series.
  • How athletes from diverse backgrounds overcame their challenges and what readers can learn from them.
  • The feedback and positive reviews the book has received so far.
  • Phebe’s personal experiences and challenges while writing the book and caring for her mother.
  • The future plans for the “Never Quit on a Bad Day” series and what to expect next.

Don’t miss this inspiring conversation! Check out Phebe’s new book and find motivation to overcome your own challenges.

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