The Edges of Lean — Ep 112 Continuous Improvement and Your Legacy with Jann Freed

Continuous Improvement and Your Legacy with Jann Freed


Have you ever thought about your legacy? Jann Freed says that whether we think about it or not., we create our legacies daily. She has written a book about creating and leaving behind a powerful and meaningful legacy and joined me at the Edges of Lean to help us all be more intentional about the legacies we are creating. Her new book is Breadcrumb Legacy.


Jann Freed


Freed is a certified Sage-ing Leader, TEDx speaker, and adjunct professor at The University of Iowa, and she provides valuable insights and candid advice on purpose, leadership, and change, appealing to an audience seeking personal and professional development.

Dr. Jann Freed, a successful leadership consultant and author of five books, recently published Leading with Wisdom: Sage Advice from 100 Experts, emphasizing the importance of keeping our egos in check to become a strong leader. Her new book, Breadcrumb Legacy: How Great Leaders Live a Life Worth Remembering,  offers practical guidance for leaving a meaningful legacy based on in-depth interviews with leaders. 




00:04:50 Embrace aging, embrace life.

00:13:21 Our legacies were born through daily actions.

00:21:09 Deliberate gratitude leaves a lasting impact.

00:24:17 Continuous improvement is about people.

00:28:17 Ego hinders organizational learning.

00:30:54 Providing feedback and trust are essential.

00:41:18 Be a leader worth following.

00:41:35 Respect the elders and make the boss’s job easier.



  • Legacy comes through small, intentional actions taken daily. It is not just about the big moments.
  • Leaders should focus on making a positive impact and influencing others daily.
  • Controlling our egos is vital for avoiding toxic behaviors and leaving a positive legacy.
  • Creating an environment of trust is essential for leaders to receive honest feedback for improvement.
  • Legacy work is one of the main pillars of becoming a sage.
  • Continuous improvement in organizations is about people improving and working together to make things better.

Memorable Quotes From Jann Freed    


“Legacy is about leaving a lasting impact on the world.”



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