The Edges of Lean — Ep 122 The Stories We Tell with Aurora Winter


We have been looking at different aspects of communication here at the Edges of Lean, and one aspect I wanted to explore more was the neuroscience of communication. Creative entrepreneur, writer, and coach Aurora Winter joins me to bring insight on that topic and highlight the power of stories. 


Aurora Winter  


Aurora Winter is a successful entrepreneur, bestselling author, TV writer-producer, and founder of With expertise in film and neuroscience, Aurora helps people craft impactful stories that boost brands, books, and businesses. Winner of the Outstanding Nonfiction Book of the Year Award, her book “Turn Words Into Wealth” reveals seven ways to generate seven figures. She emphasizes the power of words to elevate income, impact, and influence. Passionate about meaningful discussions and valuable content creation, Aurora covers various topics, including the neuroscience of communication, marketing, pivoting, creating multiple income streams, turning books into movies, writing fiction and nonfiction, publishing, and more. 



00:00:14 – Exploring the Neuroscience of Communication

00:00:58 – Aurora Winter’s Background and Journey

00:08:34 – Addressing the Midbrain in Communication

00:14:34 – The Power of Stories in Communication

00:20:40 – Impact of Stories on Belonging and Meaning

00:27:13 – Stories as Tools for Change and Inspiration

00:36:51 – Where to Find Aurora Winter Online

00:41:54 – Advice for Young People Starting Out



  • Communication is a powerful tool that can significantly impact productivity and profitability.
  • The midbrain, which is responsible for social connection and belonging, should also be addressed by highlighting the value of the message to others. 
  • Stories are a powerful tool in communication as they convey values and provide meaning to the audience. 
  • Opening a presentation with a question or half of a story can create interest and engagement from the audience. 
  • Fiction, particularly science fiction, can shape and change the world by introducing new ideas and perspectives. 
  • When starting any endeavor, it is vital to follow your interests and passions, explore different opportunities, and always look for beauty in every situation.

Memorable Quotes From Aurora Winter 


“Stories teach values, and science provides information.”

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