The Edges of Lean — Ep 65 Continuous Improvement and Crowdsourcing Great Decisions with Soushiant Zangenahpour

In Lean, we know the value of getting ideas from the people who are doing the work, especially when it comes to ideas for improvement. But what happens when your organization feels like it is too big to get ideas from everyone effectively? What if you’re just too far away? Soushiant Zanganehpour is a social scientist and an entrepreneur, and he is the founder and CEO of Swae, a platform for crowdsourcing innovation, and making inclusive decisions powered by artificial intelligence. Let’s hear what he has to say.


About Soushiant Zanganehpour


Soushiant is a social scientist and entrepreneur. His career spans the fields of policy-making, impact investing, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability. He focuses on upgrading inclusivity and democracy within companies and transforming democratic institutions to be 21st-century compatible.

He is the Founder & CEO of Swae, an award-winning idea management, and decision-making platform, powered by AI and bottom-up decision-making.


  • 01:32-02:50 Soushiant’s career background and What Swae is all about
  • 02:51-08:12 The most common problems of companies/organizations that need attention
  • 08:13-10:41 The importance of decentralized decision-making in a crowd-sourced environment.
  • 10:43-15:50 Disadvantages of hierarchical structure 
  • 15:51-19:57 What are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAO) and how do they work?
  • 20:14-30:05 A confluence of trends presentation explained from a Free Fall of Trust to Decentralization to Personalization to changing demographics to social movements and finally leading to changing of guard.  
  • 30:06-39:18 How the Swae platform supports anonymity when it comes to idea-sharing 
  • 39:21-42:18 Things that next-generation leaders need to be paying attention to 
  • 42:37-45:06 Soushiant’s advice for young people who are starting their careers 


  • A DAO is an organization represented by code that is running on a decentralized network of computers, rather than a single central server. Because DAOs are code-based, they can be run completely transparently and autonomously. This means that DAO decision-making can be done without the need for a hierarchical structure or central authority
  • One of the main disadvantages of a hierarchical structure is that it can lead to a high level of bureaucracy. This means that there are a lot of rules and regulations and decision-making takes a long time
  • Swae is a decentralized software platform that helps organizations to make better decisions. It does this by providing a protocol for decision-making and crowdsourcing.
  • Anonymous idea-sharing can help to prevent bias, as employees are less likely to be influenced by the opinions of others.
  • When employees feel like their voices matter, they are more likely to stick around.


Memorable Quotes From Soushiant Zanganehpour 


“ Don’t waste your time trying to reform systems that are inherently designed for the past, build something different”