The Edges of Lean — Ep 76 Continuous Improvement and Generational Trauma with Elena Perella

As a continuous improvement leader, you know the importance of “Respect for People,” and that “Respect for People” includes understanding and respecting yourself. How might you do that when you are dealing with the effects of generational trauma? Elena Perella has personal experience overcoming generational trauma and using that experience to help high achievers free themselves to meet their potential.  She is here to tell us about that.

 Elena Perella

Elana Perella is a personal coach, life coach, and speaker with over 13 years of coaching experience. She has two master’s degrees with a focus on anthropology and literature. Elana Perella helps high achievers from the world of business, sports, entertainment, and social change who struggle to find and stay in the flow at work and in life. She coached herself through eating disorders and domestic violence. Once she freed and healed herself, she took the lead on her own life and now coaches others.



0:04:52 The journey of dealing with emotional issues caused by trauma

0:07:03 Conducting experiments on ourselves

0:12:39  The impact of beliefs on reality

0:14:22 The impact of generational trauma

0:16:29 The difference between nature and love

0:21:31 The impact of toxic parents on their children

0:25:26 The importance of eliminating the toxic inheritance

0:29:08 The power of love and how can it affect our lives

0:33:15 The power of questioning everything 

0:37:31 How to set yourself up for success



  • To be a high achiever, you need to first coach yourself. 
  • To truly eliminate any problem,  first find the root cause of the problem. 
  • Clarifying the importance of quitting unhealthy habits (e.g. smoking, drinking) and the improvements these changes can bring to our lives, such as improved relationships with our children.
  • The toxic effects of trauma:  how emotions affect us. 
  • There is a big difference between “negative” and “toxic”  and we can grow once we separate them. 
  • Most of the things that we need to know are inside ourselves and we just need to ask ourselves. 
  • When a person was not wanted as a child, it can be hard for them to raise a healthy and functional child of their own. 
  • Nurture is when you take care of your children but love is the energy that fuels the willingness to help yourself and others to evolve without causing harm. 
  • We not only absorb emotional development from our mothers but also physical ones as well. 
  • See things as they are rather than putting a filter on different aspects of your life. 
  • To get the toxic energy out of your life, see things the way they are. 
  • What love is: love is the energy that fuels your will and others to not cause any harm. 
  • Love also means the road to less trouble and the more helpful you are to others, the more love you spread. 
  • As humans, we have to be aware of what we have inside of ourselves as there are people who believe they respect and love others but they don’t spread the love at all. 


Memorable Quotes From Elena Perella 

“What is love: love is the energy that fuels your will and others to not cause any harm”

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