The Edges of Lean — Ep 79 Continuously Improving Your Cybersecurity with Karla Reffold

There’s a crime wave out there  – a cyber crimewave– and Karla Reffold is helping companies overcome the continuously changing challenges of cybersecurity. Karla started out in HR, and now is a leader in cybersecurity – her story of leadership, flexibility and innovation is inspiring for all continuous improvers.

Let’s hear Karla share her thoughts and insights! We can’t wait to hear what this powerful voice has in store.

Karla Reffold

Karla helps organizations innovate, transform and achieve their potential. Focused on operations, marketing, and sales, she understands the need to drive profit, grow revenue, and maximize efficiency.
Since founding BeecherMadden in 2010, her company managed to build the organization to operate in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. In 2017, she successfully sold BeecherMadden to Nicoll Curtin where she joined as an Executive Director and a board member reporting to the CEO. Karla Reffold is also a speaker, mentor, and podcaster who talks at CapitalTea. Among a variety of awards and recognitions, she was one of the top 3 finalists in the “Entrepreneur of the Year” category at the Cybersecurity Women of the Year awards in 2022. Karla was also shortlisted as “Woman of Influence” in the SC Magazine Awards in Europe




0:00:01 A career in cybersecurity and the future it holds in our life

0:02:29 The tipping point for stepping out on thin Ice

0:04:21 The importance of cybersecurity in the cloud

0:06:14 Cybersecurity for small businesses and its impact on the economy

0:10:30 Cybersecurity for startups: ransomware and what you can do about it

0:15:51 The Impact of ransomware on businesses today

0:17:37 The importance of values in hiring

0:19:21 The importance of honesty in the workplace

0:21:10 The benefits and challenges of selling a business

0:26:12 The emotional journey of selling a business



  • Cybersecurity is hugely important, especially for businesses that are moving to the cloud
  • It’s highly important that small businesses also improve their cybersecurity
  • One of the most important things businesses can do is to configure SPF and DMARC for email security.
  • Businesses should enable two-factor authentication wherever possible
  • Ransomware is currently the biggest concern in cybersecurity and every company should be aware of
  • Ransomware criminals are not only encrypting data but also stealing it
  • Stealing data can lead to serious consequences for businesses, such as reputation damage and industrial espionage
  • Skills are important in keeping the business safe, it doesn’t matter if it’s old or new.
  • The ability to learn new skills is important in cybersecurity, as the industry is always changing

Memorable Quotes From Karla Reffold  

“Cybersecurity is not just about protecting you; it’s also about helping you win and succeed in business.”

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