The Edges of Lean — Ep 89 Continuous Improvement with Games! with Alexandra Suchman

If you are a continuous improvement professional, you probably use some games in the training you deliver – maybe as an ice-breaker or perhaps as a simulation to teach a tool. But have you ever wondered how far you can take game-playing to build a team or create a culture? Alex is a woman on a mission to transform workplaces from the inside out. She has been playing around with games that create fun and meaningful learning experiences for years. Are you ready to hear some juicy insights on gaming in the workplace? Don’t miss her unique and engaging take on this joyful topic. 


Alexandra Suchman 

As the CEO and co-founder of Barometer XP, Alex is well-versed in organizational development and improving business operations. She has a unique approach to consulting – she uses games to create engaging learning experiences for her clients. Her expertise stems from her early career in public policy and health, where she noticed many companies struggling with processes. Alex began to focus on creating simple systems and better planning. Today, she continues to help her clients become more strategic and organized in their work, through the use of games.



0:00:01 – Exploring continuous improvement with games: an interview with Alexandra Suchman

0:02:37 – Exploring the use of games and simulations to enhance interpersonal skills in the workplace

0:04:33 – Conversation on game development with business partner

0:06:51 –  Reflecting on the benefits of Games in the workplace

0:18:00 – Improving communication through pre-planning and games

0:19:36 – Conversation on the benefits of practicing habits and playing games to navigate uncertainty

0:26:33 – Exploring different thought processes in the workplace

0:28:15 – Conversation on team dynamics and diversity in the workplace

0:30:06 – Exploring the benefits of team-building games for group dynamics

0:35:04 – Conversation on developing experiential learning games and simulations for organizational change

0:39:12 – Exploring curiosity and changing paths


  • Leadership skills are developed and demonstrated in well-designed games.
  • Diversity and inclusion are the most significant factors in a team’s success that CEOs should consider.
  • There are huge differences between people who are detailed based and those that see the big picture. And most of the time, both are needed. 
  • The opportunities to practice that come with game playing give leaders proven skills
  • Learning and practicing different ways to respond to others’ styles helps us get the most out of conversations. 
  • Game-playing strengthens communication and empathy skills
  • It is not just about playing the game but building upon the learnings people will acquire while playing. 
  • Reflection on games will significantly improve communication and collaboration among group members.


Memorable Quotes From Alexandra Suchman


“Being able to learn in the situational moments and apply the lessons from it is one of the best ways to mitigate the problems that happen over and over.”

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