The Just-in-Time Cafe Podcast — 97: Let Go To Lead, with Cheryl Jekiel

It’s Episode 97 and the  highlight is Tracy & Elisabeth’s interview with Cheryl Jekiel, the Founder of Lean Leadership Center, get the scoop on her latest book, Let Go To Lead. Cheryl has a deep background in helping managers go from overpowering to empowering.  For Hot Apps, we’re going to delve into an app that’s been referred to as your “adjunct brain.” It’s a way to hold onto all that stuff you learn and access it when you need it it.  For Q&A, we’ll discuss how to take advantage of an age-old truism–”Necessity is the mother of invention”—If that’s true, how do we conjure “necessity” when we want to jumpstart innovation?

Let’s kick this year off!

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