The Just-in-Time Cafe Podcast — 98: Lean Life Sharing: Making Organ Donation Work, with Jeff Trageser and Mike Vazquez

It’s Episode 98 and the highlight is Tracy & Elisabeth’s interview with Lifesharing’s Executive Team—Jeff Trageser and Mike Vazquez. Lifesharing is a nonprofit arm of UC San Diego Health dedicated to organ procurement and—lucky for everyone—they’re steeped in continuous improvement. For Hot Apps, we’ll cover a networking app you’re probably aware of, you might even be using, but are you making the most of it? And for Q&A, we’ll discuss the topic of work relationships. Are you a “just-the-facts ma’am” Joe Friday type? If asking people about themselves feels like “fluff” —are you hamstringing your own progress? Tracy and Elisabeth get to the bottom of that and more!


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