Lean Blog Audio — A Hospital Manager Makes Time for Kaizen

How do you MAKE time for continuous improvement?It’s been a little while, but here’s a new video about Kaizen and continuous improvement from our friends at Franciscan St. Francis Health in Indianapolis.

In this video, Hollynn Lobsiger, the manager of the endoscopy unit, talks about what Kaizen means to her and her team and she also shares some thoughts about how to make time for Kaizen.

Everybody (or nearly everybody) complains about not having enough time for improvement – that includes time for staff and time for managers. The challenge is how to go from “lack of time” being an excuse to being a problem that you solve (see my video about this).

Hollynn and her team are a great example of being proactive to make time for improvement (as you can see in this video with staff describing an improvement). See how Hollynn sets a tone for them and expects input from everybody? They’re “Kaizen Crazy!” 🙂

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