Lean Blog Audio — Kaizen Hints from Heloise, or, If Kaizen is Common Sense,


I’m a big nerd in that I love reading newspapers basically cover to cover. I’m a nerd in many ways, I guess. You don’t have to be a survey nerd to take my short reader survey (and you might win a book!).I was a pretty unusual child, reading the entire Detroit Free Press every morning before school. I was a news nerd then. I wanted to be a sportswriter, since the father of one of my best friends from elementary school got to travel with the Detroit Tigers as a “beat writer.” I am still a pretty big consumer of newspapers, often in print form (although I read the WSJ on my iPad).

Recently, I was perusing the San Antonio paper (cover to cover) and even glanced at the “Hints from Heloise” column that was traditionally aimed at housewives (that seems like an outdated sexist way of saying it, but that’s the history of the column).

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