Lean Blog — Bonus: The GE Lean Mindset Event Post-Game Show Discussion

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Featuring James P. (Jim) Womack, Katie Anderson, Jamie V Parker, and Mark Graban.

There’s more to come from me, Katie, and Jamie about the day. 

Jamie’s podcast is “Lean Leadership for Ops Managers.

Katie’s new podcast is called “Chain of Learning.” – Coming soon

Videos from the GE Lean Mindset sessions: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxRhTjvLlyoIh7CVg51ZIM5hRl5XOjlgl

**A Candid Conversation on Lean Thinking: Breaking Down the Lean Mindset with Industry Experts**

Join us as we delve into a Deep Dive bonus episode of “Lean Blog Interviews,” focusing on the intricacies of Lean Thinking. The thought-provoking analysis of the Lean Mindset is led by four esteemed panelists — Mark Graban, Katie Anderson, Jim Womack, and Jamie V. Parker — who share their takeaways from the ‘GE Lean Mindset’ event. 

Central to Lean Thinking is the relentless pursuit of improvement — a belief that stands tall even amidst failings and setbacks. Coupled with the embracing of failure as a fundamental part of the learning process, the idea of never-ending improvement underscores the Lean Mindset. The panelists share their thoughts and experiences revolving around these integral components of Lean Thinking.