My Favorite Mistake — 117: Investment Banker Lynn Yap Was Pressured to Not Visit Her Dying Grandmother in Malaysia

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My guest for Episode #117 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Lynn Yap, the Founder of Actv8 Network, whose mission is to increase the participation of women in the fields of technology, and entrepreneurship. She started her career as a corporate attorney, and then followed a traditional business path—graduating from the Wharton School with an MBA and working in investment banking.

Her curiosity led her to research more about using businesses as a force for good.Her book The Altruistic Capitalist: How to Lead for Purpose and Profit represents the culmination of conversations with leaders at for-profit corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors, and her personal experience.

In today’s episode, Lynn shares her “favorite mistake” story, which led to her to leave investment banking after participating in the Facebook IPO. Why did she learn that she never again “wanted to sacrifice [her] values”?

We talk about that story and other topics including:

  • Did you go through a process of forgiving yourself?
  • Why did you start the Actv8 Network?
  • Interactive programs? For young women?
  • Gap — Tom Peters — need more women on boards, CEOs
  • The book: Focusing on all stake holders instead of just shareholders?
  • Business Roundtable statement — stakeholder capitalism
  • 21 core metrics – people, the planet
  • What is the “altruistic capitalist mindset”?Mindfulness, curiosity, grit

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