The Just-in-Time Cafe Podcast — 72: Making Problem Solving Personal, with Jamie Flinchbaugh

It’s Episode 72, and today’s highlight is our interview with Jamie Flinchbaugh, author of the new book, People Solve Problems. He’s got a different take on the crux of problem solving, it’s not PDCA, it’s not tools, and it’s not methods. Jamie’s an engaging raconteur so Tracy and Elisabeth enjoyed a spirited discussion about his book, Lean Whisky, and the nature of success. Next up it’s an app that can turn the average presenter into a super trainer with the ability to detect what’s of value to participants. And for Q&A, we reached out to our community for advice on dealing with tough issues—how to address problems without stepping on people.

There is a colorful fall turning all things orange at the Cafe!


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